If your are building a new house or replacing the entire heating system you may wish to consider the Heatese Convector Radiators 

Heaters convector radiators contain just 200ml of water, compared to conventional radiators holding 7 litres of water. 

As Heatese convector radiators hold less than 3% of water compared to conventional radiators it means that far less energy is required to heat the water, reducing the fuel consumption of the Heatese  boiler further. 

 How Heatese Convector Radiators Work 

Our radiators do not store water. Instead a mere 200ml (1/35th of the average radiator) of hot water passes through them continuously in finned copper piping. An integrated thermostat lets any individual radiator know when heat is required for its zone. If so small fans (incredibly quiet) push heat downwards and outwards into the room, heating it from the ground up and improving air circulation in the room. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the fans turn off. 

Heatese is always on, always warm and therefore the water passing through the pipes and convector radiators is always warm. As a result instant heat is available by turning on the fans. Once you have set the thermostat, the radiators will come on briefly and bring the room temperature up to the required level before  shutting down till required again 

The Heatese Convector Radiator  

Conventional heating systems do not store enough hot water to operate the convector radiators.

Heatese systems can work with both convector and conventional radiators 

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