How does Heatese Compare to a conventional boiler?

Operating Cycle 

A conventional boiler, once pre-heated, operates on a 6 minute cycle, on for 3 minutes off for 3 minutes

Heatesecomes on for 12 minutes and then knocks off for 33 minutes. This provides a 45minute cycle. Therefore Heatese is on for 12 minutes in every 45 minute cycle.Conventional systems are on for 22.5 minutes in every 45 minute cycle. 

The Nozzle 

Traditionally burners in conventional systems uses a 0.75mm nozzle at a fuel pressure of 130psi

Heatese use a 0.5mm nozzle at a fuel pressure of 100psi. As a result Heatese cannot burn as much fuel as a conventional system

Running Cost Comparison of an Oil Boiler 

Heatese Traditional Condensing Boiler
Consumption of oil per hour 0.5 litres 2.5 
Running cost per hour £0.29£1.45
Running cost per day £1.45£7.25
Running cost per week £10.15£50.75

*Based on the average boiler running time of 5hrs a day 2 in the morning 3 in the evening 

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