Will HEATESE work on all properties?

HEATESE will have some restrictions on the properties where it can be installed, but this is not because of capacity but because of the internal buffer (water storage) it does mean that it would not fit into quite a few types of properties.

In this case the boiler can be installed outside as it comes with its own casing – this would then depend on the position relevant to the connections to the internal piping.

Can the boiler operate a on 2 or 3 bedroom properties?

There is no real minimum size of property but taking into account fuel usage and potential savings will give a payback ratio that may or may not be acceptable to the homeowner.

What size house can the HEATESE boiler successfully heat and achieve savings?

The HEATESE 140 can operate approximately 15 radiators or by up grading to their low water range of convector heaters 70 of the 2kW (or equivalent sizing)


The HEATESE 160 can operate approximately 16 to 25 radiators or by up grading to their low water range of convector heaters 70 of the 2kW (or equivalent sizing)

The HEATESE 160 + 500ltr Buffer can operate properties in excess of 25 radiators and underfloor heating.

What if my property is larger than this?

For larger systems multiple boilers and buffer tanks can be installed.

Is the Heatese boiler complex to operate and maintain?

This is one of HEATESE’s other strengths – not only is the boiler efficient but it does so with no moving parts in the boiler itself , also Heatese has no major electronic components –just common sense engineering.

Maintenance is through an installer backed network.

What is involved in retrofitting a Heatese boiler to my property?

HEATESE comes fully assembled and includes all pumps, valves, electronics and flue. Unlike other heating systems, there is no need to buy these at additional expense. HEATESE comes in a specially designed weatherproof cabinet (or may be installed in a boiler house) and is simply connected to your existing flow and return pipes, cold water feed, and power supply.

I am currently changing my existing boiler – can HEATESE heat my existing radiators?  Do I need to change my plumbing?

Yes. HEATESE is capable of heating your existing steel radiators, aluminium radiators, buffer tank or underfloor heating. If your radiators are working there is no need to change anything. We simply disconnect your current boiler or heat pump and connect the plug & play HEATESE
system. There is no need to change your existing plumbing

Can a Heatese boiler heat both hot water and heating?

Yes. HEATESE also heats your hot water, providing you with on-demand hot water.

Are HEATESE convector radiators more efficient than standard radiators?

Yes. An average radiator holds 7 litres of water, whereas HEATESE convector radiators hold just 200 ml of water – less than 3% of the standard radiator. Far less energy is required to heat this reduced amount of water. This means reduced fuel use by the customer

How are HEATESE convector radiators able to provide instant heat?

HEATESE stores its large volume of energy, and so is able to provide convector radiators with a constant supply of heat. If a room drops below your desired temperature, the convector radiator activates, gently but immediately blowing warm air into the room until the desired temperature has been reached. Other systems do not store a sufficient amount of water to operate convector radiators efficiently and effectively.

Why use HEATESE convector radiators instead of underfloor heating?

HEATESE convector radiators contain just 200 ml of water each. They circulate warm air in a room, providing instant heat and improving air circulation. In addition,they are more cost effective to buy and install; and are up to 90% more cost effective to run due to the tiny amount
of water they contain. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, uses a large mass of water which must be heated, which in turn heats the floors, which in turn heats the room. If turned off, underfloor heating can take 24-48 hours to heat floors again.

How much electricity does a HEATESE convector radiator use?

A typical size home with 11 HEATESE convector radiators will use a total of just £0.02 of electricity per week

Can I change my existing radiators for HEATESE convector radiators?

Yes. If you wish, you can replace your current radiators or underfloor heating with more efficient HEATESE convector radiators. However the radiators must all be changed on the same circuit or the Convectors have their own circuit.

What is the environmental impact of HEATESE versus other systems?

By reducing fuel use by up to 80%, HEATESE removes all carbon emissions that would otherwise been produced by such fuel. And when operating, HEATESE is so clean that it produces just 18 parts per million.

How can I tell how much fuel I am currently using?

A standard house / premises with 12 to 15 radiators would normally use (i) 2.5L of oil per hour, if using a condensing boiler or (ii) 3.5L of oil per hour, if using a non condensing boiler; versus the 0.5L that HEATESE will use. A large house / premises with 30 to 40 radiators between will use between 7 and 10 litres of oil per hour; versus the 1 to 1.5 litres that HEATESE will use.

How do I purchase a HEATESE boiler?

Simply fill in the enquiry form on this website or phone the NuVision number and we start the journey to saving you money with a HEATESE boiler

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