How Heatese Boilers Save Money on Your Gas or Oil Bill


Heatese is the energy effiecient boiler system which can save up to 80% on your heating bill but the first question we are rightly asked is how?

Heatese saves money by addressing the issues of fuel consumption and how the heat is used once created. By answering these questions Heatese reduces the amount of fuel consumed compared to traditional boilers and also prevents unneeded and energy expensive preheating cycles.

I will firstly go through the steps that enable Heatese to reduce your Heating bills.

The First Step is Indirect Heat 

Heatese heats the surface indirectly. Instead of the flame heating a metal surface, our flame heats a container of air.  Air then rises and heats a copper tank. The heat is then transferred to the water within the tank.  The method is vastly more efficient as it requires far less fuel to heat air.

The Second Step is Energy Recovery:

The temperatures inside the Heatese Gas Chamber reach 324°C. By the time these gases leave the exhaust system the have been reduced to 40°C. This is done by the energy recovery system which transfers the otherwise lost heat back into the system.

By recycling the heat additional fuel is not being used to create more heat.

The Third Step is Energy Storage: 

Conventional Boilers uses up to 40% more oil in its first hour of operation and will lose its heat quickly once turned off, requiring a pre-heat period again.

In contrast if turned off for 24hrs the Heatese system will cool by just 5°C. Heatese stores its energy for when it’s required. It can be run for a few hours a day or constantly.

The Fourth Step is Operating Cycle:

A conventional boiler, once pre-heated, operates on a 6 minute cycle, on for 3 minutes off for 3 minutes

Heatese comes on for 12 minutes and then knocks off for 33 minutes. This provides a 45 minute cycle. Therefore Heatese is on for 12 minutes in every 45 minute cycle. Conventional systems are on for 22.5 minutes in every 45 minute cycle.

The Fifth Step the Noozle 

Traditionally burners in conventional systems uses a 0.75mm nozzle at a fuel pressure of 130psi

Heatese use a 0.5mm nozzle at a fuel pressure of 100psi. As a result Heatese cannot burn as much fuel as a conventional system.


By combining all these steps togegther Heatese can then enable you energy savings. To find out how much you can save enquire below:


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