How do you make a boiler more efficient than any other boiler on the market?

Welcome to our brand new blog about Heatese from NuVision Energy a supplier of Energy Efficient solutions to help you save money on your energy bill. 

Heatese in a new product to the UK market and the purpose of this blog will be to take you along on our journey as products develop and share customers success stories! 

To begin with we will attempt to answer is why is a Heatese boiler more energy efficient than conventional boilers?

Simply put there are several factors that makes Heatese more efficient than conventional boilers, combining this with straight forward common sense engineering, creates the energy savings. We will go through these factors and try to explain them in a way that makes the energy savings make sense.

No.1 The use of indirect heat.

Heatese makes use of the simple principle of placing the maor heat exchanger in the hottest part of the boiler which is just above the flame. 

Heat transfer is more efficient because the heat exchanger is copper which has one of the highest energy transfers of any metal 

No2. Storing the heat 

Heatese is the only boiler with its own inbuilt large storage system 

Heatese boilers come fully insulated, so if you leave the boiler off all day you will find the hot water stored will  only dropped in temperature by 5°C which eliminates the need for energy draining pre-heating cycles each time you need hot water. Heatese is always on and ready to go 

No 3 Energy Recovery

A traditional condensing boiler will recover the heat through using the waste flue gases to preheat the cold water entering the boiler, lowering the amount of energy needed to warm the water up to the required level. 

Heatese essentially does this 6 times through the use of heat exchangers passing the heat to the stored water. This enables Heatese to recover the heat the would usually be wasted and lost. 

To discover more about how Heatese can help your energy bill go to or call 01404 891693 and we would be delighted to discuss your energy savings. 

Heatese in the Energy Efficient Boiler available in Gas, LPG  and Oil that is designed with the sole aim of reducing your energy bill 

The heatese boiler available in several different cabinet colours 

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